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Born to Kill: Ch4 - Ashes to Ashes
Chapter 4
Ashes to Ashes
Sideswipe folded his arms across his chest plates, a disturbed frown mounted on his face plates. If there was one word to describe the Autobot base, it was ‘inadequate’. This definitely didn’t look like the best place to even have a hold up for an entire Autobot army, let alone a good area to even settle down. To say that Headquarters was a dump in front of all the Autobots would only add insult to injury, as much as he hated to say it.
He tapped his digits impatiently against his forearms, glaring at the closest thing he could see: a glass wall.
Well, it wasn’t exactly glass, it was a two-way mirror, something that the Autobots kept in place so that only those who wanted to watch the interrogation could see while the interrogated could not.
The silver warrior was leaning against the wall while Sunstreaker sat impassively on the floor, fiddling with his golden brass knuckles. Sunstreaker hadn’t spoken a word across the s
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Born to Kill: Ch3 - Solstice Sun
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Solstice Sun
The feel of air rushing past Sunstreaker’s armour had never felt so... good. For the first time in his life since he had come online, the golden warrior felt content, but at the same time there was the feeling of excitement. He could sense Sideswipe’s own excitement billowing through the link, but there was also the strong desire to get energon on his swords. Funny that Sideswipe had swords, and yet Sunstreaker wondered why he didn’t detect his own weapons. It was very strange to him, but he did like a good challenge. Using his fists to bring down the enemy just made it all the more entertaining for him.
He and his brother continued to follow behind Optimus Prime as fast as their vehicle forms would allow them to with Ironhide guarding the rear. His first impression of Optimus had been confusing at first, but the moment the Autobot commander had spoken, he knew that he was the one to give them a shot at taking down enemies, enemies wh
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Transition Effect: Ch19: Garden Warfare
My body freezes at the sight of the gruesome human-like creeper. The smell reaches my nose and I struggle not to gag so hard, but the moaning of the zombie plant manages to snap us out of our daze and we whip out our weapons. The creeper charges directly at us, clawed hands swinging wildly in an attempt to claw us all to death, but as it draws closer, its chest expands and it vomits acid straight at us.
We dash to the sides and out of the way, but it just barely bypasses Liara, missing her by a nose. We open fire at it and it lets off a moan of supposedly pain as it collapses and it suddenly explodes into a shower of acid. Kaidan almost wretches at the putrid smell as it eats away at the ground. Wrex seems to struggle to keep a straight face, while Liara and Shepard wince with horror. Me… on the other hand…
“Goddess, Clarissa, are you alright?” Liara asks when I’d finished puking my last meal.
I wipe my mouth from the contents and nod pathetically. “
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WOF FanTribe - LionWings

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 19, 2018, 7:01 AM
  • Listening to: Korn - Insane
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Well... guess who joined the bandwagon of making a fantribe! Yours truly! Let me know if you decided to make your own, but by all means... please give credit.



LionWing names deprive from African languages





The males are extremely muscular in the shoulders, legs, and tail, while their neck is covered from the back to the shoulders in a large thick mane that protects their vulnerable areas during a scuffle. The mane will fully grow in at 7 years old and will gradually darken with age to a black as they get older. They have a curly beard that hangs from their chin and a pair of long, thin whiskers beneath their nostrils. Their horns are lyre-shaped like that of the Grant’s gazelle (stout at the base and ringed). Their tails end in a flame that burns from their core and their paws are largely lion like and padded with exposed claws shaped like an eagle’s hooked talons. Their roars are far louder than the females to show their power and strength. Their wings are much larger than a female’s, making them more imposing.



The females are smaller than their male counterparts, but are still strong enough to be able to hunt down their main source of food. They lack the manes and billy goat beards, and have much smaller, thinner lyre-shaped horns. Just like the males, they too have a flame at the end of their tail, but it burns less intense than theirs. They have a smaller pair of whiskers on their snouts. While their roars are not as powerful as the males, they can still make one pause when they engage in battle. Unfortunately, their small size makes them less intimidating than the males, making it easier for one to underestimate their prowess and this can move to their advantage.












































-Fire Breath

-Very Strong

-Enhanced Senses

-Heat Resistance

-Flame Tail




-Animus Magic






-Trades Resources



-Trades Scrolls




-No Contact

-Trades Resources



-Trades Scrolls




-Occasional Allies

-Trading Posts Everywhere




-Trading Posts Everywhere

-Trades Weapons




-Trades Weapons

-Trades Resources



The Five Way War

[Currently Work in Progress]



No Current Wars



 The LionWings were once SkyWings after the Scorching but gradually dispersed from them and evolved on their own after, resulting in the climate changing them to be able to tackle their main source of food on the grasslands: elephants. To be able to tackle such a prize took timing, patience and teamwork, something that their military cousins lacked. They have remained hidden from notice from the other tribes until a band of five dragonets discovered them, hidden in plain sight.



Jamba, five-year-old male dragonet. Pure-blooded and descended from Alpha Pride Queen Malika



The LionWings have a strict religion regarding the heavens. They believe that when they die, their bodies are left behind to become part of the Earth while the spirit inside ascends to the heavens above. Those who do good in the world will have the privilege of joining their ancestors, while those that do evil deeds (e.g. committing a horrendous act of murder without any regard for the family) will be sent to the Pit of Coldfire.



Pride Life

The whole tribe is separated into five groups called Prides, each one led by an alpha pair of male and female. The Pride usually has mostly females with their daughters and a few of their sons. When the daughters are old enough at seven years, and have succeeded in making their first kill, they are in the rights to leave their Pride for another to prevent incest. The sons are usually chased out by the alpha male dragon the moment their manes start to grow in, but if an ambassador is killed, sometimes, and very rarely, a male is put in their place and they are permitted to stay. The sons become loners for a time until they decide to form their own Pride or take over from another alpha male that is not their Pride’s father. The females of the Pride do most of the hunting, but when taking down larger prey, the alpha male will gladly back them up. The alpha male is slightly lazy, but it is his duty to protect his Pride from rival males and rogues that dare to threaten his Pride and family.



The Three Nights of Peace

Every ten years, the Prides come together for three nights under the careful watch of the alpha Pride led by the King and Queen for a temporary truce. They gather together in the centre of the main territory and begin a festival of feasting on large prey, share stories and sharing wings (sharing wings means to clean each other’s wings and socialise). Rogues or loners are not allowed to participate, but they are not forgotten. When the three nights are over, and the Prides break apart, there are left overs for them to eat, though they will lack the social connection and will constantly fight each other over the food.



-Never cross into another Pride’s territory unless there’s good reason

-Always respect your alpha pair, unless you have a good reason to speak

-Never commit an act of evil (e.g. murder, cheat, steal) unless there is a good reason

-If you spot a rouge in your alpha pair’s territory, DO NOT ENGAGE, sound the alarm

-During the Three Night Celebration, NEVER by any means strike at an enemy Pride member

-Firescales will be killed on sight, do not get involved!

-Never strike out at a female, you should not underestimate your smaller counterpart


The Five Prides are five Prides of Dragons all living in five areas of their main territory. The Alpha Pride has the most amount of space which is in the middle of the land, while the other four main Prides are assigned to the four corners and are named as such by their direction from the Centre (North, South, East, and West). Their whole land sits in the centre of Pyrrhia, with the Sky, Sand, Mud and Rain Kingdoms bordering them. Unlike the Kingdom of Sand (which is mostly made up of sand), the Lion Kingdom’s terrain is of African grasslands with the kingdom’s castle in the very centre, owned solely by the Alpha Pride’s King and Queen. The stone walls border the North, South, East and West territories with many guards posted around the walls. The other four Prides mostly live in large villages, but are spread out to prevent overcrowding and ensure that everyone gets enough space.



Each home of a LionWing that isn’t in the Centre Territory are tents and shacks made from the stone and leather (the leather comes from an occasional kill). Due to the weather, there are times when more needs to be gathered to make repairs to the damage



LionWings prefer warm-blooded prey, but their most favourite food to kill is the elephant, but will not turn a blind eye to other prey like zebras or hippopotamuses.



Cold-blooded kills like fish and crocodiles. Birds, despite being rare in their diet, are an excellent treat. They are cautious when it comes to hunting hippos, but they will if they have enough talons to hunt them.



A nuisance that must be removed at any cost. LionWings will attack anything that strays too close to their homes. Only a few have taken a keen interest in studying them and keeping them as measly pets.



Alpha Pride (Centre)

-King Kiongozi (leader)

-Queen Malika (angel)


-Princess Chauna (blossom) – Daughter of Kiongozi and Malika

-Princess Zuri (beautiful) – Daughter of Kiongozi and Malika


-Prince Jamba (hero) – Son of Kiongozi and Malika - Animus


Haraka (fast) - Male


Pride #1 (North)

Alpha Male – Kamari (moonlight)

Alpha Female – Nuru (light)


-Usiku (night)


Zumaridi (emerald) – Daughter of Kamari and Nuru


-Mwindaji (hunter) – Son of Kamari and Nuru

-Mpweke (loner) – Son of Kamari and Usiku


Kasi (speed) - Female


Pride #2 (South)

Alpha Male – Yahya (God’s gift)

Alpha Female – Waridi (rose)


-Zahra (flower)


Amani (peace) – Daughter of Yahya and Zahra


-Giza (darkness) – Son of Yahya and Waridi (South Pride)


Mwendo (movement) - Male


Pride #3 (East)

Alpha Male – Tamu (delightful)

Alpha Female – Fahari (pride)


Mwezi (moon)


Baraka (blessing) – Daughter of Tamu and Fahari


Makucha (talon) – Son of Tamu and Fahari


Kuruka (flight) - Female


Pride #4 (West)

Alpha Male – Moto (fire)

Alpha Female – Vitani (war)


Kalasha (horn)


Tamani (desire) – Daughter of Moto and Vitani


-Jiwe (stone) – Son of Moto and Vitani (West Pride)


Kimya (silent) – Female


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